Introducing Titanic 3 aka The Orlando Magic Organization

I am putting on my Skip Bayless hat on and looking at how the Magic have once again proven they are not ready to make Orlando a Basketball City. They time and time and make risky picks in the NBA that prove to be NBDL talent, not NBA talent.

The team over at Orlando Pinstriped Post recently put out an article Reviewing the Picks of The Orlando Magic and Former GM Otis Smith. Based on the results, it was clear The Magic and Otis consistently misjudged talent as well as took risk on players that had not proven themselves against elite players.

Well Come June 28,2012 the Magic had a chance to rewrite the books by drafting an elite player that has proven himself like a Jared Sullinger and they decide to pass on him for a unproven player by the name of Andrew Nicholson. I do not doubt the pick was well calculated, but at the same notion, he is not going to draw in fans nor does he fit with the Magic system. With the New Arena in place and fans tired of Dwight Howard’s soap opera, The Magic could of put an end to the sicking ship. The 2012 NBA Draft proved to be another reality check that the Magic have not progressed when judging talent nor judging what it takes to draw in fans.

What Magic Front office doesn’t realize is that Businesses in Orlando rely on the fans to attend games so they can capitalize on the traffic before and after the games. These businesses took calculated risk to position themselves within walking distance of the arena.. and how do they deliver? By drafting less than proven talent to the team as well as offering Ryan Anderson a qualifying offer which thereby gives them the right to match any offer the 24-year-old receives in free agency.

The Magic must realize it is time to get rid of the cancerous Dwight Howard as well as trade Ryan Anderson who has reached his potential and is now an extremely valuable piece to another organization. Its time to truly restructure the team as well as the marketing for this team. There is no reason why the City of Orlando cannot be the Basketball Mecca.

Here is a Quick Look at the Previous Years Picks: 

2006 J.J. Redick Pick #11
2007 Milovan Rakovic Pick #60
2008 Courtney Lee Pick #22
2010 Daniel Orton Pick #29
Stanley Robinson Pick #59
2011 Justin Harper Pick #32
DeAndre Liggins Pick #53


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