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Carmelo Anthony Expanding His Brand By Partnering With Got Chocolate Milk

Many athletes take to the gym during the off-season to strength their body for the upcoming season, but it is also a perfect opportunity for them to expand their brand by partnering with companies that help fuel their career off the court/field. While it is imperative that players stay in top shape, they must also rest their body and find another way to bring in revenue.

A great example of this was on display Monday night as Carmelo Anthony teamed up with Got Chocolate Milk?™ for a live chat via the Got Chocolate Milk Facebook Page. The buzz quickly got around of the Live Chat as Carmelo Anthony along Got Chocolate Milk tweeted about the Live Chat. The Live Chat gave fans an opportunity to learn about the product along with catching up with Carmelo Anthony’s progress during USA Basketball.

Not only was this a great move by Carmelo Anthony, but it also proved to be extremely beneficial for Got Chocolate Milk as they were able to drive new potential consumers to their Twitter Page along with their Facebook Page. This type of mutually beneficial partnership is what companies in the market need to be hone in on as well Athletes. What many may not realize is this Live Chat presented an opportunity for Carmelo Anthony to expand his fan base by reaching out to an audience he otherwise would of never interacted with.

Increasing your visibility in a variety of markets is key for athletes when trying to grow your brand. These type of partnerships are what will help players like Carmelo Anthony live a fruitful life after his tenure in the NBA.

Below is the Video for those that missed the Got Chocolate Milk Chat with Carmelo Anthony:

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