Potential Endorsement Possibilities for Jeremy Lin

Jeremy Lin Endorsements

After recently reading about Jeremy Lin’s trip to Taiwan for his Youth Basketball Camp , it had me thinking reflecting on the growth of his career as well as his current marketing potential.

Many NBA fans were unaware of his abilities, until he got the opportunity to take center stage for the New York Knicks where he flourished and showed the world that he is a reputable Point Guard in the league.

Knicks fans flocked to pick up his jersey after he came off the the Knick bench and scored 25 points against the Nets on Feb. 4.

The former Harvard University player went on to become a starter and an instant fan favorite by leading the Knicks on a five-game winning streak.

One of the most compelling parts of Jeremy Lin’s rise to stardom was the unveiling of his love for sofas. According to Reports, he was sleeping on Landry Fields’ sofa as well as  crashing on the couch in his brother’s Lower East Side apartment.

After reading these reports, my initial thought was, ” Where are the International Furniture organizations?! This is the time to sign him for an endorsement deal or sponsorship. For the first time in sports history, we have a player talking about sleeping on a couch and making it appear “cool”.

The first company that came to mind was Ikea. A international furniture company that could really benefit from having a star like Jeremy Lin representing the brand.

This partnership still can be a match made in heaven, I believe time will tell in Ikea or another international furniture store will make a move for Jeremy Lin.

You can keep up with Jeremy Lin by follow him on twitter at:  http://twitter.com/JLin7

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