Minor League Basketball Slowly Making Noise in the State of Florida

As the Dwightmare continues, Basketball fans in Orlando become restless and look for other ways to get their basketball fix. Well they are in luck with the NBA Summer League closed to the public they can turn to the Florida Flight for Basketball.

You heard me right, that is the Florida Flight, a minor league team that is right here in our backyard. The Florida Flight currently play in Avalon Park at the Avalon Middle School Gym.

So what can you expect when you attend a game? 

Good Old Fashion Basketball and Class “A” entertainment. While it might not be Big Baby Davis or Jameer Nelson playing, the team and coaches for the Florida Flight have rounded a talented bunch that bring a level of skill and entertain to the game. Some of the players have notable made a name for themselves in their perspective colleges, but are still growing their professional career.

Also, according to sources, in the near future there may be a possibility the team may bring some Former UCF Basketball Stars. Will expand on this further as the league grows.

So what is Minor League Basketball? 

Great Question! This is not the NBDL (NBA Development League) but think of it as its step-sister that took a route of freedom and profit gain, not profit loss. Several weeks ago I introduced to this league and found myself hitting the books, more so the Internet, to find out what the story was on this league. Go to find out the Florida flight belong to the Florida Basketball Association or FBA (for short). in January 2012, the Florida Flight along with Palm Beach Titans and Heartland Prowl left the Continental Basketball League, joining with the Tampa Bay Rebels to start the league.

I had the opportunity to catch with Coach and Part Owner of the Florida Flight Mark Anthony King and was enlightened to how the goal and mission for this league is to not only to entertain fans with top notch basketball, but to give back to the community.

As you navigate through their site (which I received word is being redesigned) you will find that they have received a lot of positive reception from the community, but also you will see that they donate a portion of their proceeds to their surrounding community. After some further digging in the site, I found that the The Florida Flight dedicated their 2012 Regular Season to the Bithlo Community.

This type of community service aligns with the next page that I stumbled upon and that is the Florida Flight’s Mission. Their Mission States:

Utilize the platform of professional basketball to promote a positive, healthy, morally sound society that values the importance of teaching critical societal elements like teamwork, leadership, accountability,and love and respect for others.

So when do they play next? 

There is one more Regular Season Home Game this Friday July 14th – 5pm at Avalon Middle school Versus The Palm Beach Titans.

Tickets are $10 and those 5 and under are Free

To learn more about this league visit: http://flighthoops.com/

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