Managing An Athlete’s Online Brand

Managing An Athlete’s Online Brand can be critical to the growth of a Professional Athlete. Most companies take to the search engines to learn about the athlete and their past. Many even follow them on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram to track their activity and behavior to ensure they are capable of representing their brand.

With this in mind, Athletes must protect their online brand by first being educated that companies are taking these measures to protect their future investment in them. Their second course of action is to hire a web developer, Preferably Anthony Fernandez, to design and maintain your online website. This will allow your fans, companies and future employers to locate all the information they need to get to know you.

For those that want a look into what needs to be done take a glance at some helpful hints below:

1. Register a Domain Name Preferably .COM

GoDaddy has done a phenomenal job of advertising and with that many know what a Domain name is. Essentially its the landing page you want your visitors to go to. So if you’re Drew Brees, they you probably want to register, which he has.

What you will find is a lot of Web Entrepreneurs will snatch these domains up quickly as they know there will be an instant reward once that player has become a Superstar. Therefore, the sooner you can purchase your domain, the better.

2. Create Social Media Accounts

Social Media is one of the free mediums where you can interact with athletes, companies, fans, friends and family. Utilizing Social Media Networks like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram can really boost your athletes image and brand.

Wanting to stay away from Social Media? Still go ahead and secure your name as individuals are known to register athlete name’s and act as them on Social Media sites. Think of Social Media as valuable real estate for your brand.

If you or your client does create some content on a social media page, keep the site very professional. Don’t let the athlete use these accounts for gossiping with friends, uploading photos or video of last Saturday night’s party, or other unprofessional uses. Future sponsors and advertisers will be watching, so you need to keep the client’s content squeaky clean and  presentable. Once something is on the Internet, it’s nearly impossible to take it down.

3. Setup Google Alerts

An online brand doesn’t stop with Social Media and Websites, it also entails monitoring what the press is putting out about you. Google Alerts allows you to be alerted when someone post an article or blog about your professional life or personal life. It is key to stay informed and not turn the blind eye as some athletes have been exploited by not being aware of what is out there for the public to read.

Wanting to learn more about Managing An Athlete’s Online Brand, Contact Anthony Fernandez at 850-543-6119 or fill out the contact form.

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