How to Turn Around Ochocinco’s “Hard Knock” Life

Branding Chad Johnson

As athletes build their career on the field, many forget how important it is to build their career off the field. Chad Johnson is one of the few players that has perfected the craft of captivating fans all across the world.

Many turn to his dazzling play on the field as to why he has gained such popularity but those that have followed his career credit his originality and activity on twitter as the propellant for his career.

Unfortunately, his career has taken a turn for the worst as he was recently arrested for allegedly head-butting his wife, Evelyn Lozada. This only was the start as shortly after he was cut from the Miami Dolphins and as well as cut from his recent sponsor Zico.

While many would find this to be a low point, I find this to be a time where can rebrand himself and remind fans why he has been #1 to so many for so long. So that begs the question, whats the strategy?

I would first publicly thank all your fans as well as sponsors for believing in you.  Johnson still currently has endorsements with Reebok, Degree Deodorant, Wonderful Pistachios as well as an iPhone moble app game.

To thank those Endorsements as well as remind NFL Scouts that he can still compete:

  1. I would hire a film crew that would follow me throughout my journey to get back into the NFL. Essentially recording every workout, practice, training session and while they are filming make sure to exclusively promote the products that have endorsed you and have stayed by your side. I would post all the exclusive footage on Youtube Channel where cans and scouts can follow you.
  2. I would also have the film crew follow you as you spend time with your family. The goal here is to not only show your dedication to the game of football, but also your dedication to keep your family happy and motivated. (This all goes back to public perception of you not being a “family man“)
  3. I would continue to be active on twitter, but with a goal of showing fans love and staying away from any rash statements that may trigger alarms to potential NFL teams. Reports have surfaced that NFL teams are watching his twitter account making sure he does not bring anymore “unwanted” attention his way.
  4. My next suggestion would be to continue to expand your side ventures. Building your brand outside of the football is critical as you approach the end of your career in the NFL. Growing OCNN Report as well as your recently announced Watch Collection is key!

These are just a few suggestions that I would give Chad Johnson and his team as they get through the media storm. Reminding analyst, writers and fans what his true values are as well as what his goals are will help change the headlines and hearts. 

Watch Ochocinco in an ESPN Commercial:

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