Freelance Content Writer

Anthony is a Freelance Content Writer who provides companies with creative press releases, sports writing, entertainment writing, SEO content writing, and website content writing.

Anthony’s ability to articulate the topic at hand has not only brought him repeat business, but has also driven revenue for the companies that hired his services.

Anthony understands that his clients are busy. That’s why he will work according to your preferences. If you prefer Anthony to talk to you on the phone or via Skype call — at your convenience. If you prefer to answer a few short questions by email, that’s fine as well.

Quite simply, you choose the amount of oversight you want to have during the press release writing process and Anthony will do the rest.

Anthony’s Press Releases have been featured on sites Like Yahoo!, Google, and many other popular news forums.

To Hire Anthony, please call 407.476.4387 or fill out the contact form 


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