Does All The Dwight Howard Trade Talk Increase His Visibility For Potential Sponsors?

I constant preach how important timely marketing is for every company to leverage and study, but how about for Athletes. Right now, Dwight Howard is the talk of the nation, in fact, I wouldn’t be surprised if President Barack Obama is discussing trade possibilities. With that being said, If I were a slow growing company looking to branch into a new market, a Dwight Howard endorsement deal would be right up my alley.

Am I sounding a bit crazy with that statement? Slightly, but think about it, how long will folks be talking about Dwight. Realistically speaking it will be another year before fans truly get over this fiasco, but as it is right now when you think Dwight Howard, you automatically picture him in his Superman Cape with a decked out Adidas outfit. Talk about product placement and one hell of an endorsement deal!

Just a few days ago I blogged about Dwight Howard’s image and if he could ever repair it, and unfortunately, I am not sure anything will repair it, not even a championship with the Brooklyn Nets, but in the grand scheme he could be taking advantage of this media coverage. As we found out this morning on the David Baumann Show, he camp has informed him to stay low and just recover from his recent surgery.

Call me a sucker, but I love to strike when the iron is hot, because The US Market has proven time and time again that 5 minutes of fame is down to a minute of Fame. Being able to capitalize when all eyes are on you is when its the time to strike. Perfect example of this on an entrepreneurial stance is The StayDwight Campaign formulated by non-other than Ryan Totka, Athlete Booking Agent and Web Genius. As I stated early, he took advantage of the limelight being on Dwight Howard and his decision to either “Stay” or “Leave” the Orlando Magic. As we all known today, he opted to stay, but has decided to change his mind for the 100th time and wants a trade.

So Dwight Camp, now is the time to open your doors from Endorsements and Sponsorship’s or at best Now is the time to release a new Adidas commercial. Hit the airwaves with Dwight and make present him in a positive light.

Below is a great Dwight Howard Commercial to begin airing again:

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