Deron Williams Brands Himself As Social Media King With Brooklyn Contract Signing

The Evolution of Athletes and Marketing was on display last night as Deron Williams took to Twitter to show the world that he was signing his contract with the Brooklyn Nets via his iPad. If you didn’t know already, the 21st century is here and Athletes are beginning to embrace different social outlets to inform fans of their big announcements, daily activities, opinions and outlook on life.

On two separate occasions, Deron Williams has had the Twitter airwaves all hot and bothered as he previously announced via Twitter that he will be returning the Brooklyn Nets. The media along with Twitter users worldwide went rampant as they re-tweeted his picture of the New Brooklyn Nets Logo and inserted their congratulations.

So what does this mean for Deron Williams and Businesses?

Now is the time to capitalize on his media exposure. It is evident fans around the world are awaiting his next tweet which can always be your product in the background. If you are looking to expand your market and gain new clients, reach out to Deron Williams team and secure him for some marketing campaigns much like Carmelo Anthony and Got Chocolate Milk recently did.

Companies are forever negating the fact that social media does not bring in new clientele or new business. That is only proven right if you confine your business within the perimeters of what society says to do on these social mediums. Expand your horizons and jump on the opportunity to leverage an audience that normally would turn the other direction.

Not to mention, this tantalizing traffic further opens the door to other Athletes making announcements via Twitter which can potentially lead to endorsements. As I mentioned before, every fan, analyst and/or twitter guru will be analyzing a picture that has been re-tweeted by thousands of people. Having an iPad being the center focus probably got some consumers to go out and buy one or simply raised awareness of the products abilities.

Signing with the Brooklyn Nets so far appears to be the right move for Star Guard Deron Williams.

Below is Video of Deron Williams showing why he is a Top Point Guard in the NBA:

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