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Anthony Fernandez is a celebrity branding expert that offers a full service sports and celebrity marketing service. Anthony’s celebrity marketing service has propelled their careers.

As a Celebrity Branding Expert as well as Celebrity Marketing Expert, he has recognized the shift in media coverage in regards to celebrities no longer just getting sponsorship’s and endorsement deals based on their performance on screen. Many celebrities are measured on how marketable they are as well as how their personality will mend with their companies product and services. As an Celebrity Marketing Expert, we work closely with these celebrities to ensure they are portrayed as a marketable figure.

Celebrities looking to truly make an early connection with fans have taken to social media to which has given them a gateway to display their personality as well as give them a voice beyond what they see on screen. In the past, Many celebrities were limited to the 5 minutes of fame they received when having a big outing, but now they are able to express themselves via FacebookTwitter,Instagram, and Pinterest.

All these outlets have allowed Celebrities to connect with fans and essentially become marketable. These outlets enable the Celebrities to become a part of their fans daily lives which in return allows companies to strategically position themselves into the celebrity marketing plan.

The age of social media has arrived and being proactive instead of reactive will empower athletes and celebrities to take advantage of the opportunities that arise with being an early adopter.

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