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Social Media Marketing Strategies, Recommendations and Tips for Sports Teams

Social Media Marketing

Below I will Discuss Sports Team Social Media Marketing Strategies, Recommendations and Tips

For centuries Professional and Collegiate Sports Teams turned to Commercials and the occasional Billboard and Radio Advertisement to drive fans and new audiences to their upcoming events.

As Professional Sports Teams look for creative ways to attract new fans, many have turned to Social Media Marketing.

While many describe Social media marketing as the process of gaining website traffic or attention through social media sites, I find it to be a way for companies to keep their fans and potential clients/customers engaged.

After sitting down and analyzing the current tactics by Professional Sports Team and Collegiate Athletic Programs, I recognized many have made missteps in tapping into their perspective markets.

Below are Social Media Marketing Tips for professional Sports Teams:

1. Each Social Media Platform Serves a Purpose

As we know it, Social Media Platforms continue to pop up and the masses flock to it leaving businesses an opportunity to communicate their marketing message. Each Social Media Platform serves it own unique purpose and can be utilized best by understanding its advantages.

Facebook:  By far the most flexible Social Media Platform as it allows Sports Teams to market fans with Videos, Pictures, Text and even interactive Contest. The Dallas Mavericks Facebook Page is a great example of how to use Facebook for Social Media Marketing.

They use Facebook to inform fans about:

  • Upcoming Games
  • Season Ticket Plans
  • Facts about Players
  • Promote their Sponsors
  • Update Fans on the Scores and Stats
  • Offers on Sports Team Apparel
The key to their success is being consistent in their delivery. While they often deliver different messages, they are keeping the “Dallas Mavericks” fresh in the minds of their fans.
Twitter: Twitter and sports fit together because sports are live, immediate, suspenseful, and fun—and these are qualities Twitter mirrors and enhances in real-time. Fans primarily use Twitter to they use to talk about games as they happen, therefore, give the fans something to talk about as the game goes on.

Instagram: Instagram gives Sports Organizations to express their marketing message on a visual medium. Many teams and players have utilized it to give fans a backstage pass into the players journey from initial practice through the playoffs. The key with Visual Marketing is to leave your audience wanting more, therefore, having a build up so fans will want to check back later.

The Strategy: Social Media Marketing is a great way to consistently market your audience without a repetitive Sales Pitch

2. You can share the same content on different channels, but present it in a way your fans want

As they say, there is no use in re-inventing the wheel and the same applies when using multiple Social Media platforms to deliver a message. The key is to make adjustments based on what audiences

3. Get Players Involved

Every sports fan has a favorite player, and it’s a dream come true for them to be able to interact with that player. On Thanksgiving, the Jets Facebook Page featured a video of cornerback Kyle Wilson wishing fans a happy Thanksgiving, which took all of six seconds for Wilson. On sports teams, the rosters are big enough so that players don’t even have to devote much time to make an impact — they can even record a ditty on a smartphone and send it to the social media team — and the payoff is excellent when it comes to fan engagement.

At the end of the day, Social Media serves as a relatively inexpensive platform for organizations to implement marketing campaigns.

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