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Being Successful in Sales in this Down Market

Whether this is Day 1 or Day 365 of doing Sales, we all find ourselves overwhelmed in the idea of having to meet certain goals/quotas and being to succeed in this Upside-Down Market. From someone who has been doing sales from over 9 years, I have been there when the market was amazing and you could Sale a 60 yr old lady on gym membership she doesn’t need to not being able to give away free trials or products.

The fact of the matter is SALES has CHANGED. You no longer can make Cold-Calls and expect people to be on the phone for 5 minutes in order to hear your pitch. The reality is technology has actually hurt some of the old school sales tactics, with caller-id and screening calls. But technology has also become our friend as we can now use it to improve our Sales Pitch i.e. looking up their company and have talking points.

With that being said…

To Be Successful in Sales in this Upside Market takes several Skills: 

1. Have a Complete Understanding of Your Product Offering 

The Idea that you know your companies offering “Well-Enough” doesn’t cut it anymore. You have to know the in’s and out’s of every offering and how it can benefit the customer. Putting a customer on hold to ask a 100 questions is definitely a way to get a customer disinterested. Society has really pushed consumers to expect immediate answers, so be prepared to answer those tough questions.

2. Be Professional and Friendly

Too many Sales people get annoyed by their previous call or lost sale, but you have to like a pitcher and have a short memory. Remember, a salesperson is somewhat of a savior to a business. You’re essentially resolving some type of under-performing or broken part of their business.

Ever notice how nice mechanics are even when they are screwing you over? Its because they know, a person can be charmed over with a smile and friendly-helpful advice.

3. Be Creative

Salespeople are a dime a dozen today. Everyone claims to be the master of sales, yet their portfolio of closed sales is about 2 people long. Why? Because they are trying to be just like everyone else. Being creative in sales is KEY!

So how do you get creative? Find new approaches to interacting with a customer. The same old lead in everyone uses, squash it a use a friendly more personable approach. Everyone knows you read a script, make the conversation natural and you will see them stay on the phone an extra 15 minutes.

4. Have a Purpose

Ever just go through the motions and call a customer and forget why you called or even just hope they say no? Well chances are you don’t have a purpose for your call. This typically occurs when the sales professional is asked to follow up on COLD or CRAP leads. If you expect the call to go “No-where” it is. So set out a purpose for your call… For instance:

At my last company, I recognized there was an opportunity to double dip (an opportunity to make money off existing customers) so I took the initiative to reach out to customers at least once or twice to see how their services were going. Naturally they had gripes which I was able to answer with our NEW SERVICES… $$$$$$ Yes that equaled money. Going back to being creative, A Sale is a Sale.

5. Follow up like a Doctor

Doctors are often your best salespeople because they have the best follow up in the business. They will track you down across the United States to let you know your appointment is at 5pm and to see how you have you been since their last check up. The call really means:


They drive a pricey car because of you, not because they know how to perform highly difficult procedures. Having those skills are great, but if they do not have customers, it all means NOTHING.

So the moral here is to follow up!!! Make yourself a note, create an alarm on your phone, put sticky notes everywhere… Whatever you have to do.

6. Be Accessible

The name of the game is to close sales right? How can you if your customer needs you on Saturday? Yes I know, you need time off, I understand, but time is money and clients will move on the minute they forget that NEED for your product. In this market, it is key to be available and if your not, make sure you follow up with an apology for not, so they know that they are your first priority.

This is a look in at how I have succeeded in Sales as the market has practically taken a dump.

Businesses are still looking for answers to their problems, the question is will you SELL them on your PRODUCT can solve that Problem?

Being successful in sales does not come easy, but these tips will definitely get you ahead.

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