Are You Living in Fear?

So as I quickly approach the dreaded age of 30, I asked myself if I have met or attempted to reach the goals I set out to reach before the big 3-0. I have mixed emotions as I had successfully launched my company Tony Enterprises which has helped many companies reach goals they normally wouldn’t be able to attain, but I always told myself by 30 I’d be selling off my latest innovative product/business and be nearing retirement (crazy right?). While I haven’t given up hope for those aspirations I came to realize more than ever I carried a weight around with me that I couldn’t describe. For a while, I played it off and continued my same old routine and then it clicked… I became what I feared most about getting old and that’s becoming a creative of habit/routine and put myself in a bubble. I was a walking – talking bubble boy. (well maybe not that extreme, but it sounded better than anything else I could come up with).

Are You Bubble Boy?

rawThe first thing that comes to mind is his bubble, but my point is aligning myself with his character is that he eventually becomes afraid of change or anything that isn’t part of his daily routine.

Many of you are commonly unhappy at your jobs, but you continue to stick it out as you rely on the job to financially support your lifestyle. The ideal response or course of action is to quit your job or begin interviewing at new jobs (many of you end up doing this).

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