For Anthony Fernandez, It all began on December 26,1986 in Miami Beach, Florida. Anthony didn’t venture very far as his home for 10 years of his life was right there in Miami, Florida. His life in South Florida was short lived when his parents divorced and his mother decided to take the family to smaller, slower pace city of Fort Walton Beach.

While moving at a young age was rough on Anthony, the new city really provided him new challenges and experiences that have now shaped him as an individual and as a business man.

At an young age, Anthony was ambitious to make money and started a lawn service for the local neighborhood.

Anthony graduated from the University of Central Florida in 2009 with a degree in Business Administration and a minor in Sports Management from the DeVos Program.

After his graduation, he took his talents to South Beach to work for the Miami Heat. Shortly after a year, Anthony took his talents back to Orlando to expand his knowledge in IT. During his time in Orlando he ventured back into his passion of writing and launched Insider Sports.

Anthony Fernandez still currently resides in Orlando, FL and is successfully working with as well as managing

Anthony Fernandez created in 2011 in order to provide athletes with an over branding and marketing solution. The main goal with Athlete Brand Management is to expand the Athletes Brand, Image and Marketing Appeal through various creative outlets.

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