Meet Sports Journalist & Athlete Branding Expert

Anthony Fernandez , Athlete and Celebrity Branding Expert , Sports Marketing Specialist and Sports Journalist , was born  in Miami Beach, Florida on December 26, 1986. Anthony graduated from the University of Central Florida in 2009 with a degree in Business Administration and a minor in Sports Management from the DeVos Program.

His professional background resides in many different industries including: Sports, Information Technology, and Education. Over the course of Anthony Fernandez’s career he has specialized in Management, Sales, Marketing, Operations and Strategy. Anthony Fernandez also specializes in athlete branding , athlete marketing, celebrity marketing, sports marketing, web design and viral marketing.

Founder of Athlete Brand Management, Anthony Fernandez helps businesses, celebrities and athletes with website development, brand management, consulting, and social media.

Anthony is also the Founder of Tony Enterprises which provides Orlando Residents along with small to medium businesses around the world with web design, web content writing, web hosting, and internet marketing.

His success with Tony Enterprises lead Anthony to start Panhandle Website Design which provides Destin Businesses and entrepreneurs with web design, logo design, web content writing and search engine marketing.

Anthony Fernandez has also successfully launched two blogs The FootPrint of One and Insider Sports while he was attending the University of Central Florida which gained mass amounts of traffic until he shifted his focus to working with businesses, celebrities and athletes on their web presence.

The FootPrint of One is an accumulation of Anthony’s experiences in the Business, Sales,  and Marketing. He takes his career experiences along with his education to drive profitability and business. His passion for sales and marketing has propelled readers to return and

His other successful site is Insider Sports which provides fans all over the world the latest sports news headlines. This has provided new opportunities for Anthony, as he most recently became a Sports Writer and Press Writer for

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